Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Omaha Bikes has a new Internet Home!!

Thank you for continuing to visit Omaha Bikes' blogger blog. It has been a great resource for our organization for the past few years, and we will leave the blog up indefinitely. However, as our organization grows, we also needed to grow our online presence, so we hired Grain & Mortar to build us a shiny new site at omahabikes.org. Here is a screenshot of the homepage:

Feel free to come visit this blog as needed, but most of what is here is on the new site as well, including our old blog entries, Bike Friendly Destinations, events, and other great things. Plus the new site has a lot of new cool stuff that this blog does not. Go explore! And then make a new bookmark in your browser and start visiting omahabikes.org.

This will (likely) be the final entry posted to this blog, so if you're looking for the latest and greatest news, events, and opportunities, you'll need to head to omahabikes.org. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Come be a part of the next stage of Omaha Bikes…

As many individuals are aware, Omaha Bikes has recently launched a new website (are you coming to our special HHH to celebrate?), and we are entering a new stage of our journey. We are looking for talented individuals to join the Omaha Bikes leadership team in one of many specific capacities. Do you have a special interest or skill set that can elevate Omaha Bikes' impact in the metro area? Take a look at the positions we hope to fill and if you are interested or have questions send an email to omahabikes@gmail.com or leave a comment. Or you can stop by any of our upcoming events and talk with someone about the organization.

We hope to select folks to fill these spots at or before our next meeting on August 14th.

Hey, we're kind of new at this, so take a look at these responsibilities and tell us what you think. Chances are you can do at least one of them better than we can, and we would love your help. Let us know why you're the right person for the job:
  • Events and Outreach Coordinator
    • Oversee planning for events such as Bike D'Lights, Discover Omaha tours, Dust Off Your Bike events, and Handlebar Happy Hours
    • Manage and coordinate the Bike Friendly Destination program
    • Ensure events and tags on website are accurate and complete
    • Receive and respond to emails submitted via “events” widget
    • Manage newsletters, email groups, and social media
    • Activate members around advocacy opportunities
  • Bike Valet & Volunteer Coordinator
    • Act as the point person for events wishing to use Omaha Bikes’ valet system
    • Work with events to plan for use of the system
    • Provide expertise on use of the Bike Valet system
    • Maintain and track data on system users for each event
    • Work with the Treasurer to record revenue and donations from Valet
    • Work with Events Coordinator to recruit volunteers as needed for other events (e.g., ride leaders)
  • Blog and News Coordinator
    • Ensure blog is updated with regular content
    • Manage website "users" and monitor blog submissions
    • Recruit other Omaha Bikes leaders to write content
    • Monitor local and national news outlets for relevant stories and compile for blog
    • Monitor and post stolen bike alerts
    • Manage tags for blog post content
  • Bike Shop and Club Liaison
    • Regularly communicate with local bike shop managers and club presidents
    • Ensure managers and presidents are aware of Omaha Bikes’ priorities and events
    • Recruit shops and clubs to help with membership drives, volunteer recruitment, donations, and so on
    • Closely work with Events and Outreach Coordinator to continuously cross-post shop and club events on omahabikes.org
  • Treasurer & Membership Coordinator
    • Pull monthly membership data
    • Provide regular reports to group on financial situation and memberships
    • Track financials and work with leadership team to develop Omaha Bikes’ annual budget
    • Work with LiveWell Omaha to establish a financial reporting plan
    • Receive emails submitted through the membership widget
    • Regularly review and approve membership payments

Volunteer for Bike Valet at MAHA! (Saturday, August 11th)

The MAHA Music Festival, taking place Saturday, August 11th, 2012 is now in its fourth year and expects its largest crowd ever. Over 4,000 people are expected to attend the show at Stinson Park in Aksarben Village to see more than a dozen acts, including co-headliners Garbage and The Desaparecidos. Locating the concert next the to Keystone Trail as well as near neighborhoods with many active cyclists, MAHA planners hope to see and want to accomodate bicycling as a way of getting to this concert.

Come help us support the festival by volunteering for one or more two-hour shifts. SIGN UP ONLINE HERE. The expected lineup is posted below (from the MAHA website) in case you have tickets and want to check out a band before or after your shift.

Noon Gates Open
12:10Centris StageThe Seen
12:45Weitz Funds StageConduits
1:30Centris StageEli Mardock
2:05Weitz Funds StageFrontier Ruckus
2:55Centris StageUniverse Contest
3:30Weitz Funds StageJosh Rouse
4:35Centris StageUUVVWWZ
5:10Weitz Funds StageDum Dum Girls
6:15Centris StageThe Mynabirds
7:00Weitz Funds StageDelta Spirit
8:10Centris StageIcky Blossoms
9:10Weitz Funds StageGarbage
10:40Weitz Funds StageDesaparecidos
Midnight Show Over – See you in 2013!

All times are approximate | Lineup is subject to change

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bike Valet Volunteers Needed Saturday!!

Omaha Bikes will be providing valet bike parking at the Playing with Fire concert on Saturday, July 28 from 3:30pm-11:30pm. We have four 2-hour shifts available. (sign up for multiple if you want to hang longer!)  Click HERE to sign up!


The valet will be located near Rick's Boatyard Cafe, and volunteers will be able to hear the music.  Also, each volunteer will receive 1 drink ticket to be used at the Adult Beverage Site. :)  Once bikes have arrived, volunteers can take turns checking out the scene.

If you are interested in helping with future bike valet opportunities, mark your calendars now for the MAHA Music Festival, which will be held in Stinson Park, on August 11.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Use of Metro Transit racks continues to skyrocket

Note: This entry is being cross-posted by Patrick McAtee from the Verdis Group blog. Patrick is president of Omaha Bikes and is also a senior associate at Verdis Group, a company that integrates sustainable solutions to help organizations flourish.

Omaha's Metro Transit rolled out bike racks on its buses in September 2008. The racks were installed on every bus in the fleet using federal stimulus money. Every bus is equipped with a rack that can carry up to two bikes, and there is no extra charge to use them. If you've never used the racks, you can find "Bike & Ride" instructions on Metro's website.

Metro has been tracking how many bikes it carries since it installed the racks, and the data is staggering. When looking at year-to-date numbers through June, 2012 has seen nearly twice as many bikes on the racks as 2011, and Metro buses have already carried more bikes so far in 2012 (7,269) than in all of 2010 (7,021). The graph below shows the number of bikes on the bus racks from January through June in the past four years:

Three of the four highest-use months in the past four years were April 2012 (#4), May 2012 (#1), and June 2012 (#2). If past years are any indication, the rest of 2012 should also be phenomenal. The graph below shows monthly bike rack use for the past four years. In 2009, 2010, and 2011, use of the racks peaked in August or September. May 2012 appears to have been a peak (2012 is the first year that June was lower than May). However, with the continued heat wave and more and more individuals familiar with how to use the racks, I expect we'll see, for the first time, a month with more than 2,000 bikes by the end of the year.

Keep on riding and thank you to Metro for supporting multi-modal transportation options!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meeting Reminder

Reminder: Omaha Bikes' next meeting is this coming Tuesday, July 10, at 5:30pm in UNO's Mammel Hall room 228H.

The room is located in the accounting office suites, which have two entrances. If you arrive and the door is locked, please call Four 0 Two-913-Four Four 0 Six.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Handlebar Happy Hour - LIV Lounge

The next Omaha Bikes Handlebar Happy Hour (HHH) is Tuesday, June 26, 5:00 PM at The LIV Lounge, 2285 So. 67th St, Aksarben Village.

The goal of the HHH is to relax and have some fun, but more importantly intended to strengthen the cycling community. Cyclists are encouraged to gather, share information, make new friends and socialize. As we become better acquainted, we hope to tap into the collective energy and talents of the cycling community to help us continue to make Omaha a more bicycle friendly city.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


If you have ever participated in a charity bike ride of any kind, you have surely encountered the greatest SAG mechanic on the planet, the Bike Rack's very own Kelly Smith. If you know Kelly (or "Quadzilla," as we affectionately know him), you will also not be surprised when we tell you that he recently RODE HIS BIKE to the doctor when he wasn't feeling quite right... after which he was diagnosed with some heart abnormalities and put in the hospital for some surgery. Thankfully, he's recovering, and may be the first cardiac patient in history to not need any follow up physical therapy, due to his incredible fitness level. :)

 We would love for the cycling community to show him the same amount of love that he shows his customers every single day - a tall order, to be sure. Please send your cards and well wishes to Kelly c/o the Bike Rack, 14510 Eagle Run Dr, Omaha, NE 68116

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bike to the Ballpark Sign Up!

Update to the previous post:  Thanks to Activate Omaha SuperIntern Lisa, we have a really slick online sign up system for B2BP volunteers this year!  Visit this website, create an account (takes 1 min or less) and then click on the days you'd like to help.

If last year was any indication, we'll be very busy - so please consider covering a shift or two.

College World Series "Bike to the Ballpark" 2012 - Volunteers Needed

The NCAA Men's College World Series starts this week with the opening ceremonies on Thursday, June 14, which means it is once again time for Activate Omaha and Omaha Bikes' annual "Bike to the Ballpark"!

Bike to the Ballpark started in 2011 with the move of the CWS to TD Ameritrade Park and was a huge success. The fun service continues this year to support people riding to the stadium for the opening ceremonies and all of the games through the championship on June 25th or 26th.

Volunteers are needed to help with the valet bike parking. Games are at 4:00pm and 8:00pm. Check your schedule to see if there is a time you can help. This year you will be able to sign up online for a time slot to volunteer. Check back in the next couple of days for link to sign up!